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Function : Main Routines
NotesMain - Entry point for character mode API programs.

#include <global.h>

    int  argc,
    char far *argv[]);
Description :

Simplified entry point for character mode API programs. You may structure your API program as a function named NotesMain(). This causes the Domino or Notes run time system to be initialized automatically before your NotesMain function gets control. After your NotesMain function returns, the Domino or Notes run time system is automatically terminated. Therefore, your NotesMain function does not need to initialize or terminate the Domino or Notes run time system explicitly.

If you structure your API program as a NotesMain function, you must link your program with the Domino or Notes bootstrap object file. Under Unix this object file is named notes0.o. Under Windows this file is named notes0.obj. The C API toolkit provides bootstrap object files for each platform in the LIB subdirectory appropriate to each platform.

Starting with Release 4.6, the argument strings passed to NotesMain() are translated to LMBCS, the Lotus Multi-Byte Character Set.

Parameters : Input : argc - Number of arguments passed to NotesMain.

argv[] - An array of pointers to the values of arguments passed to NotesMain. Note that these pointers are in the current memory model, the same as arguments to "main". The argument strings are translated to LMBCS before being passed to NotesMain().

Output : (routine) - Returns - status used by the Domino or Notes system.

NOERROR - No error occurred causing or during termination of the C API program.

ERR_xxx - Errors returned by lower level functions: (memory management, file operations, network problems, etc.). There are many possible problems from which your application will be incapable or unable to recover, so that this code should be saved during the debugging process.

As an additional error reporting aid, the NotesMain caller will translate the numeric value of anything other than NOERROR into the corresponding error string and to report it to the console.

Sample Usage :

STATUS LNPUBLIC NotesMain (int argc, char *argv[])
    STATUS  error;
    char   *szDBName;

    szDBName = argv[1];

    error = NSFDbOpen(szDBName, &hDB);

    return( ERR(error));
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