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Symbolic Value : Import/Export
IXFLAG_xxx - Flags passed to all file import/export libraries

#include <ixport.h>

Symbolic Values :

IXFLAG_FIRST      -  The file currently being imported or exported is the first of a sequence of files to be processed.

IXFLAG_LAST   -  The file currently being imported or exported is the last of a sequence of files to be processed.

IXFLAG_APPEND     -  The file currently being exported should be appended to the output file.

Description :

These values are passed to the main entry point of all import/export libraries in the Flags parameter (second argument). Use these flags to modify the behavior of the import or export library when importing or exporting multiple files in one step.

An edit-level import library that imports multiple files in one step normally creates the output file if IXFLAG_FIRST is set, but if IXFLAG_FIRST is not set, it normally opens the existing output file and seeks to the end.

An edit-level export libraray normally opens the specified output file and seeks to the end if the output file already exists and the flag IXFLAG_APPEND is set. Otherwise, it may create the output file.

A view-level import library may query the user for settings via a dialog box if IXFLAG_FIRST is set. The import library may allocate a buffer to save these settings, then subsequently use the saved settings if IXFLAG_FIRST is not set. When IXFLAG_LAST is set, the library may free the buffer used to save the settings.

Sample Usage :

                                   WORD Flags,
                                   HMODULE hModule,
                                   char *AltLibraryName,
                                   char *FileName)
    STATUS          error, rerror;
    HANDLE          hCompound;  /* handle to Compound Text context */
    DWORD           dwStyleID;
    int             hInputFile, hOutputFile, hCDTextFile;
    HANDLE          hReturnCD;
    DWORD           dwReturnCDLen;
    WORD            wRead;
    char            achReturnCDFileName[MAXPATH];
    char           *pCDText;

    /* If processing the first input file, create the output file. */

    if (Flags & IXFLAG_FIRST)
        if (error = IeditFileCreate( EditorData->OutputFileName,
                                    &hOutputFile ))
            IeditMessageBox("Unable to create temporary file",error);
            goto Exit0;
    /* Else output file already exists. Open and seek to the end.*/

        if (error = IeditFileOpenForWrite( EditorData->OutputFileName,
                                    &hOutputFile ))
            IeditMessageBox ("Unable to open temporary file", error);
            goto Exit0;