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Function : iCalendar
CalUpdateEntry - This will modify an existing calendar entry.

#include <calapi.h>
STATUS CalUpdateEntry(

    const char*pszCalEntry,
    const char*pszUID,
    const char*pszRecurID,
    const char*pszComments,
    DWORD  dwFlags,
Description :

This will modify an existing calendar entry. This supports either single entries or recurring entries, but recurring entries will only support updates for a single instance specified via RECURRENCE-ID that may not include a RANGE (This may be permitted in the future but for now will return an error). The iCalendar input may only contain a single VEVENT and must contain a UID. By default, attachments and custom data (for fields contained in $CSCopyItems) will be maintained from the existing calendar entry. Similarly, description will also be maintained if it is not specified in the iCalendar content that is updating. Both of these behaviors can be canceled via the CAL_WRITE_COMPLETE_REPLACE flag. If the mailfile owner is the meeting organizer, appropriate notices will be sent out to meeting participants (unless CAL_WRITE_DISABLE_IMPLICIT_SCHEDULING is specified)

Parameters : Input : hDB - The database containing the entry to update

pszCalEntry - The iCalendar data representing the updated entry

pszUID - If non-NULL, this value MUST match the UID value in the iCalendar input if present,or else this returns ERR_InvalidVEventPropertyFound. If the iCalendar input has no UID this value will be used.

pszRecurID - If non-NULL, this value MUST match the RECURRENCE-ID value in the iCalendar input if present, or else this returns ERR_InvalidVEventPropertyFound. If the iCalendar input has no RECURRENCE-ID this value will be used.

pszComments - If non-NULL, this text will be sent as comments on any notices sent to meeting participants as a result of this call. that will be included on the notices. Can be NULL.



Output : (routine) - status of updating entry NOERROR on success ERR_NULL_DBHANDLE The database handle is NULL ERR_MISC_INVALID_ARGS Unexpected arguments provided ERR_CALACTION_INVALID This calendar entry is not in a state where updating it is supported. ERR_NO_CALENDAR_FOUND Unable to find the entry because the required view does not exist in this database ERR_NOT_FOUND There are no entries that match the specified UID or UID/recurid in the database ERR_NOT_YET_IMPLEMENTED This update is not yet supported (update range or multiple VEVENTs?) ERR_CS_PROFILE_NOOWNER Calendar Profile does not specify owner ERR_UNEXPECTED_METHOD Provided iCalendar contains a method (no method expected here) ERR_ICAL2NOTE_OUTOFDATE iCalendar input is out of date in regards to sequence information. ERR_MissingVEventComponents Missing required VEvent components ERR_InvalidVEventPropertyFound Invalid VEvent property found ERR_ICAL2NOTE_CONVERT Error interpereting iCalendar input ERR_MISC_UNEXPECTED_ERROR Unexpected internal error ERR_IMPLICIT_SCHED_FAILED Entry was updated, but errors were encountered sending notices to meeting participants

See Also : CalCreateEntry CalReadEntry