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Symbolic Value : Mail Gateway
DELIVERY_REPORT_xxx - Type of delivery reporting option requested.

#include <mailserv.h>

Symbolic Values :

DELIVERY_REPORT_NONE      -  No report requested.

DELIVERY_REPORT_BASIC     -  Basic report (only on failure report) option requested. Report is sent only if the message could not be delivered.

DELIVERY_REPORT_CONFIRMED     -  Confirmation report option requested (notify sender that the message was or was not delivered).

DELIVERY_REPORT_TRACE     -  Trace entire path delivery option requested. A report is sent from each server the message is routed through. The final report indicates whether Domino delivered the message successfully.

DELIVERY_REPORT_TRACE_NO_DELIVER      -  Trace a delivery failure.

DELIVERY_REPORT_CONFIRM_NO_DELIVER    -  Confirm a delivery failure.

Description :

These symbolic constants define the type of delivery reporting option requested. Used in MailGetMessageInfo function and MAILREC structure.

See Also : MailGetMessageInfo MAILREC