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Data Type : Note
CWF_ERROR_PROC - Pointer to an error callback function called from NSFNoteComputeWithForm().

#include <nsfnote.h>

Definition :

   const void far *pCDField,
   WORD phase,
   STATUS error,
   HANDLE ErrorText,
   WORD wErrorTextSize,
   void far *ctx);

Description :

If an error is found when validating field values in NSFNoteComputeWithForm(), the error callback function is called with information about the problem. The arguments to this callback function are:

    pCDField - Pointer to the CDField in the form note.

    phase - Flag indicating the current validation phase. See CWF_xxx for possible values.

    error - The Domino status code for the error that was detected.

    ErrorText - Handle to memory containing the text that caused the error. The handle is a handle to TYPE_TEXT. You must get a pointer to the handle by using OSLockObject. Note: Domino or Notes will free the memory for this HANDLE.

    wErrorTextSize - Number of bytes in the error text.

    ctx - 32-bit "CallersContext" value passed to NSFNoteComputeWithForm().

    Note: If the flag CWF_CONTINUE_ON_ERROR is passed in the dwFlags argument of NSFNoteComputeWithForm(), error processing for fields will be skipped - the callback function will not be invoked.

See Also : CWF_xxx (Return Codes) CWF_xxx (Validation Phases) NSFNoteComputeWithForm