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FILE xxx

Symbolic Value : Miscellaneous
FILE_xxx - File Types and Search Modifiers for NSFSearch

#include <osfile.h>

Symbolic Values :

FILE_ANY      -  (file type value) Find all files (NSF, MDM, etc.) and all sub-directories in the searched directory.

FILE_DBREPL   -  (file type value) Starting in Notes Release 3, find all databases or templates that are candidates for replication in the searched directory. This flag has been replaced by FILE_DBDESIGN and is exposed for compatibility purposes for previously written programs.

FILE_DBDESIGN     -  (file type value) Find all databases and templates in the searched directory. If you just want to search for databases, use FILE_DBANY. If you just want to search for templates, use FILE_FTANY.

FILE_MAILBOX      -  (file type value) BOX - Any .BOX (, SMTP.Box...)

FILE_DBANY    -  (file type value) Find all .NSF, .NSG, or .NSH files in the searched directory.

FILE_FTANY    -  (file type value) Find all template (.NTF ) files in the searched directory.

FILE_MDMTYPE      -  (file type value) Find all modem script files (.MDM) in the searched directory.

FILE_DIRSONLY     -  (file type value) Find all directories in the searched directory.

FILE_VPCTYPE      -  (file type value) Find only virtual port command (.VPC) files in the searched directory.

FILE_SCRTYPE      -  (file type value) SCR - comm port script files.

FILE_ANYNOTEFILE      -  (file type value) ANY Domino database (.NS?, .NT?, .BOX)

FILE_UNIQUETEMP   -  (file type value) DTF - Any .DTF. Used for container and sort temp files to give them a more unique name than .TMP so we can delete *.DTF from the temp directory and hopefully not blow away other application's temp files.

FILE_MULTICLN     -  (file type value) CLN - Any .cln file - multi user cleanup files.

FILE_SMARTI   -  (file type value) Any .smi file - smarticon files.

FILE_TYPEMASK     -  File type mask (for FILE_xxx codes above).

FILE_DIRS     -  (search modifier) Find subdirectories as well as regular files.

FILE_NOUPDIRS     -  (search modifier) Do not find the ".." directory.

FILE_RECURSE      -  (search modifier) Search into subdirectories.

FILE_LINKSONLY    -  (search modifier) All directories, linked files & directories.

Description :

These flags are used with NSFSearch to control what kinds of files are found during the search.

When using NSFSearch with search_flags = SEARCH_FILETYPE, you may control the search by specifying combinations of FILE_CLASS values in the item_class argument to NSFSearch.

The item_class argument to NSFSearch may consists of exactly one file type plus zero or more search modifiers.

The file type part of item_class may contain one and only one of the following file types:



    Note that item_class may contain one and only one of the above file type values. You may not combine different file type values to match multiple file name extensions.

    The search modifier part of item_class may contain any combination of the following search modifiers:


    You may bitwise-OR any combination of these search modifiers together with one of the integer type codes listed previously.

    FILE_DIRS causes NSFSearch to call your action routine on subdirectories as well as files that match the specified file type. Since the ".." directory is treated as a subdirectory, you may OR in FILE_NOUPDIRS to prevent NSFSearch from calling your action routine on the directory "..". FILE_NOUPDIRS has no effect unless OR'ed with FILE_DIRS.

    FILE_RECURSE causes NSFSearch to recursively search subdirectories. FILE_RECURSE causes NSFSearch to call your action routine on files that match the file type in the directory you opened and in any sub-directory below that.

Sample Usage :

/* Open the directory. */

 if (error = NSFDbOpen (full_netpath, &dir_handle))
  return (ERR(error));

/* Call NSFSearch to find files in the directory. For each file found, 
call an action routine. */

 if (error = NSFSearch (
  dir_handle,  /* directory handle */
  NULLHANDLE,  /* selection formula */
  NULL,   /* title of view in formula */
  SEARCH_FILETYPE +  /* search for files */
  SEARCH_SUMMARY,  /* return a summary buffer */
  FILE_DBANY +   /* find any .NS? file */
  FILE_DIRS +  /* find subdirectories */
  FILE_NOUPDIRS,   /* don't find the ".." dir */
  NULL,   /* starting date */
  file_action,  /* call for each file found */
  NULL,   /* argument to action routine */
  NULL))   /* returned ending date (unused) */

  NSFDbClose (dir_handle);
  return (ERR(error));

/* Close the directory. */

 if (error = NSFDbClose (dir_handle))
  return (ERR(error));

See Also : NSFSearch