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Data Type : Composite Data
CDTABLEDATAEXTENSION - Specifies extended table properties.

#include <editods.h>

Definition :

typedef struct
    WSIG Header;
    /* Fixed section ------------ */
    DWORD dwColumnSizeToFitBits1;
    DWORD dwColumnSizeToFitBits2;
    WORD  wEqualSizeTabsWidthX;
    WORD  wTabsIndentWidthX;  

    /* Each Available member can be used explicitly for data. */
    WORD  wAvailable3;
    WORD  wAvailable4;
    DWORD dwAvailable5;
    DWORD dwAvailable6;
    DWORD dwAvailable7;
    DWORD dwAvailable8;
    DWORD dwAvailable9;

    WORD  wcTabLabelFont; /* Length of Tabs Label Font */

    /* Each AvailableLength member can be used for data in the variable 
section. */
    WORD  wAvailableLength11;
    WORD  wAvailableLength12;

    WORD  wExtension2Length; /* When all Available members have been used 
up, this
              should be used to extend to another data extension
              for additional storage. */

    /* Variable section ------------ */
    /* The wcTabLabelFont variable data defined below is actually 
     *   a FONTID followed by a DWORD followed by a COLOR_VALUE.
     *   Some Notes6 pre-release versions only wrote the FONTID/DWORD 
     *   without the trailing COLOR_VALUE, so need to verify that 
     *   wcTabLabelFont is at least large enough to hold FONTID, DWORD, and 
     *   before trying to read off the COLOR_VALUE.  SDK consumers should
     *   ignore the value of the DWORD when reading this structure and
     *   write the DWORD value as 0 when writing this structure
    /* <wcTabLabelFont variable data> */
    /* <wAvailableLength11 variable data> */
    /* <wAvailableLength12 variable data> */
    /* <wExtension2Length variable data>  */

Description :

This record was added because the Pre Table Begin Record can not be expanded and R6 required more data to be stored.

This CD record specifies extended table properties. It is preceded by CDPRETABLEBEGIN. Both records may be encapsulated within a CDBEGINRECORD and CDENDRECORD.

Note that rich text fields are items of type TYPE_COMPOSITE. Therefore, API programs that run on non-Intel architecture platforms must perform host/canonical conversion on CD record structures such as this when accessing rich text item data in a note.

These fields may be followed by optional items. If you plan to use them, you will need to declare the variables and assign values to their lengths.