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Function : Replication
ReplicateWithServerExt - Enhanced function to replicate with a server from a local system.

#include <repl.h>
STATUS LNPUBLIC ReplicateWithServerExt(

    char far *PortName,
    char far *ServerName,
    DWORD  Options,
    WORD  NumFiles,
    const char far *FileList,
    REPLEXTENSIONS far *ExtendedOptions,
    REPLSERVSTATS far *retStats);
Description :

This routine replicates Domino database files on the local system with a specified server. Either all common files can be replicated or a specified list of files can be replicated. The number of file names is specified in the parameter NumFiles. The file names must be concatenated into a single list, with each name terminated by a NUL ('\0') character.

Replication can be performed in either direction or both directions (push, pull, or both).

For Release 4.0, this new function has been added to allow additional information to be supplied. The additional information may be passed in the REPLEXTENSIONS structure. If no extended information is to be supplied, a NULL may be passed for the ExtendedOptions argument.

Note: The REPLSERVSTATS data structure must be initialized to zeros to get the correct results; see example below.

Parameters : Input : PortName - Name of the port on which to access the server. Specify NULL to allow Domino or Notes to use the "most available" port to the given server.

ServerName - Name of server to replicate with. A hierarchical server name needs to be specified in the abbreviated hierarchical name format (such as ServerC/Operations/Acme).

Options - Replication options. These options are defined in REPL_OPTION_xxx and may be bitwise or'ed together for combined functionality. If the option REPL_OPTION_ALL_DBS is specified, all local Domino database files are added to the list of names (if used). If the option REPL_OPTION_ALL_NTFS is specified, all local Domino template files are added to the list of names. If the option REPL_OPTION_ALL_FILES is specified, both database and template files are added. The priority flags, REPL_OPTION_PRI_LOW, REPL_OPTION_PRI_MED, and REPL_OPTION_PRI_HI, are only meaningful if one of the flags REPL_OPTION_ALL_DBS, REPL_OPTION_ALL_NTFS, or REPL_OPTION_ALL_FILES is specified. NOTE: These options are now 32-bits.

NumFiles - Number of files in the file list. If no file names are specified, this parameter should be set to 0.

FileList - (Optional) A pointer to the concatenated null-terminated database filenames to replicate; may be NULL.

ExtendedOptions - Pointer to extended parameter block, or NULL if no extended parameters are provided.

Output : (routine) - Return status from this call:

NOERROR - Data replication succeeded.

ERR_xxx - Errors returned by lower level Notes functions. Call to OSLoadString to interpret the error status as a string that you may display/log for the user.

retStats - Pointer to the returned replication statistics structure.

Sample Usage :


/* Only allow 5 minutes for replication */
extData.Size = sizeof (REPLEXTENSIONS);
extData.TimeLimit = 5;

memset(&retStats, '\0', sizeof(REPLSERVSTATS));
error = ReplicateWithServerExt(