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Function : Views
NIFIsTimeVariantView - Check whether a view is a time variant view.

#include <nif.h>
BOOL NIFIsTimeVariantView(

    HCOLLECTION  hCollection);
Description :

Checks whether the view is a time-varying view or any type of view that is rebuilt on each open, for example, a soft deleted view.

Parameters : Input : hCollection - Per-user colletion context handle.

Output : (routine) - TRUE if the given view is timevariant view, one that must be rebuilt each time it is opened.

Sample Usage :

    /* Presumes hCollection, a COLLECTIONHANDLE for an open view and 
NoteID, its design note NOTEID */

    if ( NIFIsTimeVariantView(hCollection) )
     xprintf("We have a time variant view for NoteID %x\n",  NoteID);
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