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LOAD xxx

Symbolic Value : Mail Gateway
LOAD_xxx - MailLoadRoutingTablesExt - LoadFlags

#include <mailserv.h>

Symbolic Values :

LOAD_INTERNALSMTP     -  Support internal SMTP transfer thread and DNS.

LOAD_EXTERNALSMTP     -  Support SMTP transfer out of local domain.

LOAD USEDNS   -  Use DNS when resolving names.

LOAD_USEHOSTS     -  Use host's file when resolving names.

LOAD_SERVERREACHABLE      -  Need to be in same named network.

LOAD_INTERNALSMTPALWAYS   -  Support internal SMTP even for non MIME messages.

LOAD_NOSERVERCACHE    -  Disable server cache.

LOAD_NODOMAINCACHE    -  Disable domain cache.

LOAD_NOFOREIGNSMTPDOMAINS     -  Disable Foreign SMTP Domains when SMTP External is enabled.

LOAD_NOSKIPDNSQUERY   -  Do not skip the DNS query for domains without a ".".

LOAD_ORDERCONNECTIONSBYDEST   -  Order and search connections by destination domain/server name.

LOAD_LIMITNRPCROUTING     -  TRUE to limit routing algorithm to smtp external routing logic for internet domains.

LOAD_COSTBIASDECISION     -  TRUE to cause routing algorithm to use raw cost bias as an additional decision point

Description :

These symbols are optional load flags for MailLoadingRoutingTablesExt.

See Also : MailLoadRoutingTablesExt