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Function : Notes/FX data
NIFCollectionUpToDate - Check whether a collection is up to date.

#include <nif.h>
BOOL NIFCollectionUpToDate(

    HCOLLECTION  hCollection);
Description :

Return a flag indicating if a collection is up to date. If not, UpdateCollection should be called.

Parameters : Input : hCollection - per user collection handle context

Output : (routine) - Return a flag indicating if the collection is up to date

Sample Usage :

    /* Presumes HCOLLECTION hCollection and TIMEDATE myLastModifiedTime */
    STATUS  Status = NOERROR;
    TIMEDATE    LastModifiedTime;
    BOOL     bIsUpdated = FALSE;

    bIsUpdated = FALSE;

    if (NIFCollectionIsRemote(hCollection))
     /* If the collection is remote all we can do is call
        NIFUpdateCollection and set bIsUpdated to TRUE.  This is 
        NIFCollectionUpToDate and NIFGetLastModifiedTime are not
        client/server transactions.  Note, NIFUpdateCollection will 
        if the collection is up to date, and return immediately if it 
is. */

     if (Status = NIFUpdateCollection(hCollection))
      goto Done;

     bIsUpdated = TRUE;
     // If the collection is local, bring the collection up to date
     // relative to the database.

     if (!NIFCollectionUpToDate(hCollection))
      if (Status = NIFUpdateCollection(hCollection))
       goto Done;

     // See if the collection has been updated since the last time we
     // checked. 

     NIFGetLastModifiedTime(hCollection, &LastModifiedTime);

     if (TimeDateCompare(&LastModifiedTime, &myLastModifiedTime) > 0)
      myLastModifiedTime= LastModifiedTime;
      bIsUpdated = TRUE;


    return Status;
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