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Symbolic Value : Mail Gateway
MAIL_MESSAGE_xxx - Type of message.

#include <mailserv.h>

Symbolic Values :

MAIL_MESSAGE_UNKNOWN      -  The message is not one of the types listed below and therefore is "unknown".

MAIL_MESSAGE_MEMO     -  The message is a normal memo/reply or any other type of form.

MAIL_MESSAGE_DELIVERYREPORT   -  The message is a successful delivery report.

MAIL_MESSAGE_NONDELIVERYREPORT    -  The message is an unsuccessful delivery report.

MAIL_MESSAGE_RETURNRECEIPT    -  The message is a return receipt.

MAIL_MESSAGE_PHONEMESSAGE     -  The message is a phone message.

MAIL_MESSAGE_TRACEREPORT      -  The message is a trace delivery report.

MAIL_MESSAGE_NOTICE   -  The message is a calendar and scheduling notice, such as an invitation or a confirmation.

MAIL_MESSAGE_QUOTAREPORT      -  This message is a quota report.

Description :

Each symbolic constant defines one of the well-known message types: Memo (or Reply), Delivery Report, NonDelivery Report, Return Receipt, PhoneMessage.

See Also : MailGetMessageType