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Function : Form
StoredFormRemoveItems - Remove items previously added as part of a stored form.

#include <dbmisc.h>
STATUS LNPUBLIC StoredFormRemoveItems(

    DHANDLE  hNote,
    DWORD  dwFlags);
Description :

This function removes the items from a note that have previously been added by StoredFormAddItems as part of a stored form. The items removed start with '$' and end with "_StoredForm" or "_StoredSubform" or "_StoredSubform" followed by a subform index, such as "_StoredSubform1".

Parameters : Input : hNote - Handle to the data note to remove the items from.

dwFlags - Reserved for future use. Should be 0.

Output : (routine) - Return status from this call -- indicates either success or what the error is. The return codes include:

NOERROR - Successful.

ERR_xxx - Errors returned by lower level functions. Call OSLoadString to interpret the error code for display.

See Also : StoredFormAddItems StoredFormAppendSubformToken