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Function : iCalendar
CalReadEntry - This will return complete iCalendar data for the specified entry.

#include <calapi.h>
STATUS CalReadEntry(

    const char*pszUID,
    const char*pszRecurID,
    MEMHANDLE far *hRetCalData,
    DWORD  dwFlags,
Description :

This will return complete iCalendar data for the specified entry.
For recurring entries, this may result in multiple VEVENTs in the returned iCalendar data. In this case, the first VEVENT represents the recurrence set and additional entries represent exceptions to the recurrence set. All instances that differ from the recurrence set will be returned as additional VEVENTs containing the exceptional data. There is no concept of 'runs' of instances or RANGE of instances. Alternatively, a specific instance may be requested using pszRecurID and only the data for that instance will be returned. Returned data will not include rich text description. All participants of a meeting will be returned as PARTSTAT=NEEDS-ACTION even if they have responded.

Parameters : Input : hDB - The database from which entries are returned.

pszUID - The UID of the entry to be returned.

pszRecurID - NULL for single entries or to read data for an entire recurring series.If populated, this is the RECURRENCE-ID of the specific instance to read.

pdwReserved - RESERVED - MUST be NULL

dwFlags - CAL_READ_xxx flags to control non-default behavior


Output : (routine) - status of read entry NOERROR on success ERR_NULL_DBHANDLE The database handle is NULL ERR_MISC_INVALID_ARGS Unexpected arguments provided ERR_TDI_CONV The recurrence ID specified cannot be interpreted ERR_NO_CALENDAR_FOUND Unable to find the entry because the required view does not exist in this database ERR_NOT_FOUND There are no entries that match the specified UID or UID/recurid in the database ERR_NOTE2ICAL_CONVERT Unable to convert to iCalendar ERR_MISC_UNEXPECTED_ERROR Unexpected internal error

hRetCalData - Handle to the returned iCalendar data. It is the caller's responsibility to free this memory.

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