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Data Type : Backup
LOGRESTORECALLBACKFUNCTION - Definition of the log restore callback function that the backup utility will have to provide for archive logging.

#include <nsfdb.h>

Definition :

   UNID *LogID,
   DWORD LogNumber,
   char *LogSegmentPathName);

Description :

When Archive logging is in use, this callback function is implemented with the following parameters:

          LogID - Pointer to the LogID identifying the log series as passed to the archive process from NSFGetNextLogToArchive

          LogNumber - The log sequence number for the log file as passed to the archive process in NSFGetNextLogToArchive.

          LogSegmentPathName - A pointer to a null terminated string that specifies the full path for where the archived log file should be put.

          STATUS - Status of the call: NOERROR if the archive log file is accessible through the LogSegmentFullPath. Any other status indicates an error condition and the recovery operation will be stopped.

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