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FT_SEARCH_URL_RESULT_ENTRY - Result entry returned by FTSearchExt when FT_RESULTS_URL set.

#include <ft.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   TIMEDATE CreatedTime;        /* Creation time of note */
   TIMEDATE ModifiedTime;       /* Last modified time of note */
   WORD     Flags;              /* Flags */
   WORD     UrlLength;          /* Length of url string, or 0 if
                                   notes link */
   DBID     ReplicaID;          /* replica id */
   UNID     Unid;               /* unid of note */
   UNID     ViewUnid;           /* unid of view containing note */
   WORD     ServerHintLength;   /* Length of Server hint */
   WORD     DbTitleLength;      /* Length of Database Title */
   WORD     DbCategoriesLength; /* Length of Database Categories */
   WORD     HeadingLength;      /* Length of View Column Heading */
   WORD     DocSummaryLength;   /* Length of Document Summary */
   WORD     DocTitleLength;     /* Length of Document Title */
   WORD     DocAuthorLength;    /* Length of Document Author */
   BYTE     Score;              /* Relevance score */
   BYTE     Spare;     

Description :

FTSearchExt returns an FT_SEARCH_RESULTS structure. If the Flags member of the
FT_SEARCH_RESULTS structure has the FT_RESULTS_URL bit set, the following structures will
be following:

      one FT_SEARCH_URL_RESULTS structure,

      an array of FT_SEARCH_URL_RESULT_ENTRY structures

      an array of following variable length data (each set of variable data corresponds to each FT_SEARCH_URL_RESULT_ENTRY appeared above):
        url string
        server hint string
        dbtitle string
        dbcategories strings
        heading string
        doc summary string
        doc title string
        doc author string

    If there is a nonzero UrlLength, this is for a "foreign" url and the string should be used. Otherwise the ReplicaID/Unid/ViewUnid/ServerHint represent the hit.

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