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Function : Network Send and Receive
NetReceive - Receives data from a remote system.

#include <net.h>

    SESSIONID  SessionID,
    void far *retBuffer,
    WORD  Length,
    WORD  Options,
    WORD far *retSize);
Description :

This function receives data from a remote system.

Parameters : Input : SessionID - A Session ID obtained in a previous call to NetLink.

Length - Size of buffer where data should be returned.

Options - One of the following flags or the bitwise OR of any of the following flags:: NETOPT_WAIT_FOR_SOME_DATA - If this flag is specified (and BufferSize > 0), this routine waits until some data is available. However, it returns as soon as some data is available, even if the amount of data is less than BufferSize. NETOPT_WAIT_FOR_ALL_DATA - If this flag is specified, this routine waits (if necessary) until BufferSize number of bytes are available. NETOPT_PEEK_AT_DATA - This option returns the available data, but doesn't update the internal count associated with returning the data. In other words, the caller can peek at the data, without actually removing it from the input stream. The next call will return the same data.

Do not specify both NETOPT_PEEK_AT_DATA and NETOPT_WAIT_FOR_ALL_DATA. To do so, may return unpredictable results.

If neither NETOPT_WAIT_FOR_SOME_DATA nor NETOPT_WAIT_FOR_ALL_DATA is specified, this function returns immediately, even if no data is available.

Output : (routine) - Return status from this call -- indicates either success or what the error is. The return codes include:

NOERROR - Function returned successfully. Check retSize to determine the number of bytes received (may be zero). ERR_TIMEOUT - Function timed out before any data was received. Unless this error is persistent, it should not be treated as a fatal error, and the session should be continued to be used. ERR_NET_FLAKEY - A transient network condition has occurred, possibly resulting in the loss of some incoming data. The session is still useable. (Note: on character mode connections, it is not always possible for the Domino or Notes software to determine if data is lost, and hence not all instances of lost data will result in an error being returned.) ERR_xxx - STATUS returned from a lower-level C API function. This value can be passed to OSLoadString to obtain a text string for the error. This error should be treated as fatal and the session should be closed by the application via NetCloseSession.

retBuffer - Address of buffer where data should be returned. It is the responsibility of the caller to allocate space for this buffer.

retSize - Pointer to returned buffer size. It is set to number of bytes received.

See Also : NetLink NetSetSessionMode NetSend NetCloseSession