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Data Type : Item (Field) Information
ITEM_TABLE - Item summary structure.

#include <nsfdata.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   USHORT Length; /*  total length of this buffer */
   USHORT Items;  /* number of items in the table */
/* now come an array of ITEMs */
/* now comes the packed text containing the item names. */

Description :

This is the structure used for item (field) summary buffers. If you specify the SEARCH_SUMMARY flag in NSFSearch, then your action routine receives a pointer to a summary buffer in the third (ITEM_TABLE far *summary_info) parameter. You will also receive a pointer to a summary buffer if you specifiy READ_MASK_SUMMARY in NIFReadEntries. The information in this summary buffer consists of an ITEM_TABLE structure, followed by an array of ITEM structures, followed by a packed sequence of item names followed by a packed sequence of item values. Each item value includes the item's datatype. The item's datatype is stored in the first USHORT of each item value.

Sample Usage :

STATUS PrintSummary (char *pSummary)
    char       *pSummaryPos;        /* current position in pSummary */
    ITEM_TABLE  ItemTable;          /* header at start of pSummary */
    USHORT      ItemCount;          /* number of items in pSummary */
    USHORT      i;                  /* counter for loop over items */

   /* pSummary points to a summary buffer that starts with an ITEM_TABLE.
      Initialize pSummaryPos to the position of the beginning of
      the summary buffer. Keep pSummary unmodified. Modify pSummaryPos.

    pSummaryPos = pSummary;

   /* Copy the ITEM_TABLE header at the beginning of the summary buffer 
      to a local variable. Advance pSummaryPos to point to the next 
      byte in the summary buffer after the ITEM_TABLE.
    memcpy ((char*)(&ItemTable), pSummaryPos, sizeof(ITEM_TABLE));
    pSummaryPos += sizeof(ItemTable);

   /* pSummaryPos now points to the first ITEM in an array of ITEM 
      structures. Copy this array of ITEM structures into the global 
      Items[] array.

    ItemCount = ItemTable.Items;

    for (i=0; i < ItemCount; i++)
        memcpy((char*)(&Items[i]), pSummaryPos, sizeof(ITEM));
        pSummaryPos += sizeof(ITEM);

See Also : ITEM NIFFindByKey NIFReadEntries NSFSearch SEARCH_xxx