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Function : MIME
MIMEStreamRead - get a buffer from a MIME stream.

#include <mime.h>
int LNPUBLIC MIMEStreamRead(

    unsigned char *pchData,
    unsigned int *puiDataLen,
    unsigned int  uiMaxDataLen,
Description :

This function, MIMEStreamRead, returns a buffer from the input MIME stream.
You must specify as input a pointer to an output buffer, a pointer to an unsigned int to received the number of bytes read, the maximum size of the buffer, and the handle to the MIME stream.

MIMEStreamRead returns MIME_STREAM_SUCCESS if the buffer is read and returned with no errors, MIME_STREAM_EOS if all data has been returned from the MIME stream, and MIME_STREAM_IO if there are any errors when it attempts to read the MIME stream.

Parameters : Input :

uiMaxDataLen - the maximum size of the output buffer in bytes, including room for the NUL terminator.

hMIMEStream - a MIME stream handle


pchData - a pointer to an output buffer.

puiDataLen - a pointer to an unsigned int for returning the number of bytes read.

Sample Usage :

int iReturn;
char pchBuf[MAX_BUFFER_SIZE];
unsigned int uiNumBytesRead;

if ((iReturn = MIMEStreamRead(pchBuf, &uiNumBytesRead, MAX_BUFFER_SIZE, 
hMIMEStream)) == MIME_STREAM_IO) {
    goto exit;
See Also : MIMEHANDLE MIMEStreamWrite