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Function : Item (Field)
NSFItemDeleteByBLOCKID - Deletes an item from a note by BLOCKID.

#include <nsfnote.h>

    NOTEHANDLE  note_handle,
    BLOCKID  item_blockid);
Description :

Deletes an item specified by its BLOCKID from the in-memory copy of a note, and deallocates the storage associated with the item.

Use NSFItemDeleteByBLOCKID to delete and item from a Note if you do not have the item name. You may obtain an item BLOCKID without the item name by specifying NULL as the item_name input argument to NSFItemInfo() or NSFItemInfoNext(). NSFItemDeleteByBLOCKID() may also be useful if there are multiple items that have the same name in the note, and you want to delete a particular one.

Normally, if you know the name of the item, use NSFItemDelete to delete the item from the note.

Parameters : Input : note_handle - Handle of note from which item is to be deleted.

item_blockid - The BLOCKID of the item (NOT the BLOCKID of the item's value) to be removed from the note and deallocated.

Output : (routine) - Always returns NOERROR.

Sample Usage :

BLOCKID     bhThisBodyItem;
WORD        wBodyType;
BLOCKID     bhBodyValue;
DWORD       dwBodyValueLength;

/* steps missing ... */

if (status = NSFItemInfo(   hRespNote,
                        &dwBodyValueLength ))
    /* Unable to get body of response document */
    goto Exit1;

if (status = NSFItemDeleteByBLOCKID( hRespNote, bhThisBodyItem ))
    /* Unable to delete old body from response document*/
    goto Exit3;
See Also : NSFItemAppend NSFItemAppendByBLOCKID NSFItemDelete NSFItemInfo NSFItemInfoNext