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Ldap parse sort control

Function : LDAP
ldap_parse_sort_control - Decode the server-side sort control return information.

#include <ldap.h>
int LNPUBLIC ldap_parse_sort_control(

    LDAP *ld,
    LDAPControl **ctrls,
    unsigned long  *returnCode,
    char **attribute);
Description :

This function will decode the server-side sort control return information.

Implemented as a macro:

#define ldap_parse_sort_control(ld, ctrls, returnCode, attribute)\ ND_ldap_parse_sort_control((ld), (ctrls), (returnCode), (attribute))

Parameters : Input : ld - The LDAP session handle.

ctrls - The address of a NULL terminated array of LDAPControl structures, typically obtained by a call to ldap_parse_result.

Output : (routine) - LDAP_SUCCESS - If the sort control was successfully parsed, or another LDAP result code if not.

*returnCode - The sort control result code. This parameter MUST not be NULL.

attribute - If an error occured the server may return a string indicating the first attribute in the sortkey list that was in error. If a string is returned, the memory should be freed with ldap_memfree. If NULL, no string is returned.

See Also : ldap_memfree ldap_parse_result