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ACTION xxx (type)

Symbolic Value : Form
ACTION_xxx (type) - CDACTION Type.

#include <actprop.h>

Symbolic Values :

ACTION_RUN_FORMULA    -  Formula ActionType.

ACTION_RUN_SCRIPT     -  Script Action Type.

ACTION_RUN_AGENT      -  Agent Action Type.

ACTION_OLDSYS_COMMAND     -  System Command Action Type.

ACTION_SYS_COMMAND    -  System Command Action Type.

ACTION_PLACEHOLDER    -  Place holder for Action Type.

ACTION_RUN_JAVASCRIPT     -  Java Script Action Type.

Description :

The CDACTION structure contains an action Type member of one of the above.

ACTION_RUN_JAVASCRIPT is an V5 Action Type, and the CD record of this type should be defined in the rich-text item "$V5ACTIONS", not the "$ACTIONS".