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Function : AddIn
AddInQueryDefaults - Get addin task's module handle and default status line

#include <addin.h>
void LNPUBLIC AddInQueryDefaults(

    HMODULE far *rethModule,
    DHANDLE far *rethDesc);
Description :

This function gets the module handle of the current add-in task, and the descriptor handle of the default status line of that task.

Call this function if you need the add-in task's module handle. If you use string tables, you may need the add-in task's module handle to load a string from the string table via OSLoadString().

You may also call this function to obtain the handle to the default status line. You need the handle to the default status line if you want to change the task name. Use AddInDeleteStatusLine(), AddInCreateStatusLine(), and AddInSetDefaults() to do this.

A status line is one line of text displayed by the Lotus Domino Server console in response to the "show tasks" command. Each status line consists of a task name (in the left column) and a status string (in the right column).

Domino will create a default status line for those API server add-in tasks that use AddInMain() as the main entry point. A server add-in tasks that does not use AddInMain() as the main entry point must create a status line, but does not need to create a default one. In this case, this function can still be used to get the add-in task's module handle. The module handle is needed if the task is to create a default status line.

Use AddInQueryDefaults() to access the module handle and the default status line associated with the current server add-in task. Use AddInSetDefaults() to set or change the default status line. Use AddInSetStatus() or AddInSetStatusText() to change the status string in the default status line.

The default status line for a server add-in task that does not use string resources and uses AddInMain() as the main entry point, uses the first 20 characters of the program name as specified to the "load" command or in the ServerTasks line in notes.ini as the task name. In order to change the task name, the programs must call AddInQueryDefaults(), AddInDeleteStatusLine(), AddInCreateStatusLine(), and finally AddInSetDefaults(). It does not need to call AddInDeleteStatusLine() again because the bootstrap code that calls AddInMain() will deallocate the default status line.

Parameters :

Output : rethModule - address of the returned module handle of the add-in task.

rethDesc - address of the returned descriptor handle to the current status line of the add-in task.

Sample Usage :

HMODULE hModule;
char Name[MAXNAMELEN];
char Version[MAXNAMELEN];

AddInQueryDefaults(&hModule, &hDesc);

if (!OSLoadString(hModule, PKG_ADDIN+0, Name, sizeof(Name)-1))
 Name[0] = 0;

if (!OSLoadString(hModule, PKG_ADDIN+1, Version, sizeof(Version)-1))
 Version[0] = 0;
See Also : AddInCreateStatusLine AddInDeleteStatusLine OSLoadString AddInMain