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Data Type : Number
NFMT - Formats for character text number string conversions.

#include <misc.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
 BYTE Digits;     /* Number of decimal digits */
 BYTE Format;     /* Display Format */
 BYTE Attributes;    /* Display Attributes */
 BYTE Unused;

Description :

This structure holds the format for character text number strings. You set up this structure based on the number format you want to use. Definitions for the various fields of this structure are found in NFMT_xxx and NATTR_xxx.

Sample Usage :

 *  Set up Number format

NFMT NumberFormat;  

NumberFormat.Digits     = 6;
NumberFormat.Format     = NFMT_GENERAL;
NumberFormat.Attributes = NATTR_PUNCTUATED;
NumberFormat.Unused     = 0;

See Also : NATTR_xxx NFMT_xxx