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Function : Edit Fax
EditorPrintNoteToBitmap - An Editfax API - rendering a note to a FAX bitmap

#include <editfax.h>
STATUS far PASCAL EditorPrintNoteToBitmap(

    NOTEID  NoteID,
    void *EPBContext);
Description :

This API is supported for the Intel Windows 32-bit environment only.

For each page in the specified note, this API calls the callback routine specified in the EPBContext structure and prints the page content to a FAX bitmap. The definition of the callback routine is:

typedef BOOL (FAR PASCAL * EPBPROC)( void *EPBContext, WORD PageNumber);

Note that the database hosting the note must have a default view; otherwise, this API will give a "floating point not loaded" error.

Parameters : Input : hDB - Handle of the database containing document to be FAXed.

NoteID - NoteID of the document to be FAXed.

EPBContext - Structure to be used in the callback routine. This parameter must either be a pointer to an EPBCONTEXT or a pointer to a structure whose first field is an EPBCONTEXT (this second way allows the programmer to add their own additional context information).

Output : (routine) - Return status from the call -- indicates either success (NOERROR) or what the error is.

Sample Usage :

   HBITMAP    hPrevBitmap;
   HBRUSH     hBrush, hPrevBrush;
   RECT       Rect;


   memset(&EPBContext, 0, sizeof(EPBContext));

   /*   Set up the resolution parameters */ 

   EPBContext.cxPaperTwips = (DWORD) (WIDTH * ONEINCH);
   EPBContext.cyPaperTwips = (DWORD) (HEIGHT * ONEINCH);
   EPBContext.BitmapSize.width = (DWORD) (WIDTH * DPI);
   EPBContext.BitmapSize.height = (DWORD) (HEIGHT * DPI);

   /*   Set up pointer to callback routine */

   EPBContext.Proc = (EPBPROC) ProcessBitmap;

   /*   Creates a memory device context compatible with the
        application's current screen.  */  

   EPBContext.hPaint = CreateCompatibleDC(NULL);

   if (!EPBContext.hPaint)
      printf("Cannot create memory DC\n");

   /*  Create a bitmap  */

   EPBContext.hBitmap= CreateBitmap(EPBContext.BitmapSize.width,
                                    (BYTE) 1,(BYTE) 1, NULL);

   /*  Preset the bitmap to BLACK with a 10-pixel border and set the
       subset paint rectangle so that we can test to see that printing
       to a subset rect is working. */

   hPrevBitmap = (HBITMAP) SelectObject(EPBContext.hPaint, 

   Rect.left   = = 0;
   Rect.right  = EPBContext.BitmapSize.width;
   Rect.bottom = EPBContext.BitmapSize.height;

   hBrush = CreateSolidBrush(0x02000000L | (RGBVALUE_BLACK)); /* Create a Brush 
                                                                 graphic object 
   hPrevBrush = SelectObject(EPBContext.hPaint, hBrush); 

   PatBlt(EPBContext.hPaint, (&Rect)->left,   /* Paints the given rectangle  */
               (&Rect)->top,                  /* using the brush that is     
*/        (&Rect)->right-(&Rect)->left,  /* currently selected into the 
        (&Rect)->bottom-(&Rect)->top,  /* specified device context.   */

   SelectObject(EPBContext.hPaint, hPrevBrush); 

   SelectObject(EPBContext.hPaint, (HANDLE)hPrevBitmap);    = EPBContext.PaintRect.left   = 10;
   EPBContext.PaintRect.right  = EPBContext.BitmapSize.width - 10;
   EPBContext.PaintRect.bottom = EPBContext.BitmapSize.height- 10;

   /*   Print the note to the bitmaps */

   error = EditorPrintNoteToBitmap(hSourceDB,

   /*   Clean up. */

See Also : EditorAppendBitmapToNote EPBCONTEXT EPBPROC