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Symbolic Value : Agents
AGENT_SECURITY_xxx - AgentCreateRunContext - dwFlags

#include <agents.h>

Symbolic Values :

AGENT_SECURITY_OFF    -  Turn off the security option for this run context.

AGENT_SECURITY_ON     -  This flag tells the run context that when it runs an agent, check the privileges of the signer of that agent and apply them. For example, if the signer of the agent has "restricted" agent privileges, then the agent will be restricted. If you do not set this flag, all agents run as unrestricted. This flag enables the following security checks:

Restricted/unrestricted agent Can create databases Is agent targeted to this machine Is user allowed to access this machine Can user run personal agents

Description :

Possible values for the dwFlags parameter in AgentCreateRuncontext. Specifies to the run context when it runs an agent, whether to check the privileges of the signer and apply them.

See Also : AgentCreateRunContext