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Function : Statistics Reporting
StatTraverse - Traverse the statistic(s) for one or more facilities.

#include <stats.h>
void LNPUBLIC StatTraverse(

    char far *Facility,
    char far *StatName,
    void far *Context);
Description :

This function traverses one or more statistics for one or more facilities. It calls a user defined routine, called a traversal routine, for each statistic found.

Parameters : Input : Facility - Name of facility (NULL for all facilities). See Symbolic Value, STATPKG_xxx for a list of facilities monitored by Domino.

StatName - Name of statistic (NULL for all statistics).

Routine - Pointer to the user defined traversal routine. This routine is called once for each statistic found.

The definition of STATTRAVERSEPROC is:

STATUS (LNCALLBACKPTR Routine) (void far Context, / Pointer to data passed to StatTraverse to be given to this routine / char far Facility, / Facility name / char far StatName, / Name of statistic / WORD ValueType, / Value type of the statistic: VT_LONG, VT_TEXT, VT_TIMEDATE, VT_NUMBER / void far Value); / Value of the statistic /

If the traversal routine returns an error, the traversal stops.

Context - The traversal routine context block - a pointer to data to be sent to the user defined traversal routine.

Output : (routine) - None

Sample Usage :

StatTraverse(FacilTable[i],        /* name of facility */
             NULL,                 /* traverse all stats */
             DisplayTrav,          /* callback function */
             (void *)&hCompound);  /* param passed to callback
                                      function */
See Also : STATPKG_xxx StatQuery StatToText