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Symbolic Value : IDs
NOTEID_CATEGORYxxx - Flag in index entry's NOTEID to indicate (ghost) "category entry".

#include <nif.h>

Symbolic Values :

NOTEID_CATEGORY   -  Bit 31 -> (ghost) "category entry".

NOTEID_CATEGORY_TOTAL     -  Bit 31+30 -> (ghost) "grand total entry".

NOTEID_CATEGORY_INDENT    -  Bits 24-29 -> category indent level within this column.

NOTEID_CATEGORY_ID    -  Low 24 bits are unique category #.

Description :

Note: this relies upon the fact that NOTEID_RESERVED is high bit!

Sample Usage :

/* Print out the list of all the note IDs in this collection. Check
for IDs that indicate a category entry.  These are dummy note IDs
that don't point to a real note. */

      for (i=0; i<notes_found; i++)
          if (!(NOTEID_CATEGORY & id_list[i]))
             printf ("Note ID number %lu is: %lX\n", ++note_count, id_list[i]);

See Also : NOTEID_xxx NOTEID