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Data Type : Navigators
VMODSbigobj - Common fields in Navigator CD records - "Word" signature.

#include <vmods.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   WSIG      Header;
   VMODSrect ObjRect;
   WORD      flags;
   WORD      NameLen;
   WORD      LabelLen;
   FONTID    FontID;
   WORD      TextColor;
   WORD      Alignment;
   WORD      bWrap;
   DWORD     spare[4]; /* for future use */
} VMODSbigobj;

Description :

This structure contains fields common to the composite data records for the graphical objects in a Navigator. The fields in this structure are:

      Header Signature identifying the type of Navigator CD record.
      ObjRect Bounding rectangle for this graphical object. See VMODSrect.
      flags Option flags. Set to 7.
      NameLen Length of the name for the graphical object; may be 0.
      LabelLen Length of the displayed label of the graphical object; may be 0.
      FontID Font ID to use when displaying the label. See FONTID.
      TextColor Color to use for the label text. Use NOTES_COLOR_xxx value.
      Alignment Alignment of the label text. Set to 0.
      bWrap If TRUE, apply word-wrap when displaying the label.
      spare Reserved; must be 0.

    The Header field contains a WORD length subfield. Some Navigator CD records use VMODSdrobj, which contains a BYTE length subfield.