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Symbolic Value : Resource Definition
debugtext - Assign an error code number to a text string.

#include <globerr.h>

Symbolic Values :

Description :

Assigns the given error code to the given text string. When language compiling, the macro actually amounts to nothing more than a comment. When resource compiling a module (RC), the macro is used to map error code numbers to a corresponding text string.

    Prior to Release 4.5, an alternative form was defined due to a compiler bug in MPW C. The compiler generated an error when a macro evaluated to nothing and is followed by another #define.

    /* "debugtext" designates DEBUG-only messages. This is not to be
    translated and never shown to a user. */

    #define debugtext(code,text)

Sample Usage :

 debugtext(ERR_POOL_FREE_CHAIN, "Invalid pool free chain")
 debugtext(ERR_LOCK_POOL_TWICE, "Attempt to lock twice using same pool lock")
 debugtext(ERR_TOO_MANY_LOCKS,  "Too many locks on pool")

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