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Symbolic Value : Font
xxx_FONT_ID - Font ID values for pre-defined fonts

#include <fontid.h>

Symbolic Values :

DEFAULT_FONT_ID   -  FONTID for the Domino default font. This default is normally plain black 10-point Helvetica.

DEFAULT_BOLD_FONT_ID      -  FONTID for the Domino default font with the bold attribute set.

DEFAULT_SMALL_FONT_ID     -  FONTID for the Domino default "small" font. This font is normally plain black 9-point Helvetica.

DEFAULT_PPEN_FONT_ID      -  FONTID for the default permanent pen font. This font is a bold red version of the default font; some systems may not be able to display this font in red.

FOREIGN_FONT_ID   -  FONTID for the default font for "foreign" text. This font is normally a plain black 10-point fixed-pitch font.

Description :

These macros return FONTID values for the predefined Domino fonts.

Sample Usage :

nError = CompoundTextAddTextExt (
hCompound,                 /* handle to CompoundText context */
dwStyleID,                 /* style ID */
DEFAULT_FONT_ID,           /* font ID */
StatText,                  /* text to add */
(DWORD) strlen (StatText), /* length of text */
"\r\n",                    /* newline delimiter - handle \r \n 
                                and combinations of \r\n */
COMP_PRESERVE_LINES,       /* preserve line breaks */
NULL);                     /* optional NLS_PINFO */