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Data Type : Composite Data
CDIMAGEHEADER - Structure which defines an image,such as a GIF or JPEG, header.

#include <editods.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   LSIG  Header;        /* Signature and Length */
   WORD  ImageType;     /* Type of image (e.g., GIF, JPEG) */
   WORD  Width;         /* Width of the image (in pixels) */
   WORD  Height;        /* Height of the image (in pixels) */
   DWORD ImageDataSize; /* Size (in bytes) of the image data */
   DWORD SegCount;      /* Number of CDIMAGESEGMENT records
                           expected to follow */
   DWORD Flags;         /* Flags (currently unused) */
   DWORD Reserved;      /* Reserved for future use */

Description :

This structure is used to define a JPEG or GIF Image that is part of a Domino document. The CDIMAGEHEADER structure follows a CDGRAPHIC structure. CDIMAGESEGMENT structure(s) then follow the CDIMAGEHEADER.

    The fields in this structure are:

    Header Identifies this as a CDIMAGEHEADER record (SIG_CD_IMAGEHEADER).
    ImageType Type of Image (see CDIMAGETYPE_xxx)
    Width Width of image.
    Height Height of image.
    ImageDataSize the file length of the image.
    SegCount the number of segments in this image (filelength of image / 10250 (segment size)).
    Flags Image flag values (currently unused).
    Reserved unused.