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NLS load charset

Function : Character Manipulation
NLS_load_charset - Loads a given character set.

#include <nls.h>

    NLS_PINFO FAR *ppInfo);
Description :

This function will load a character set and return a pointer to a pointer to an NLS_INFO structure. The calling application is responsible for unloading the character set using NLS_unload_charset.

Parameters : Input : CSID - A character set ID. For information regarding valid character set IDs, please see symbolic value NLS_CS_xxx.

Output : (routine) - NLS_SUCCESS NLS_INVALIDTABLE - A table contained in the NLS_INFO structure of the specified character set is invalid.

ppInfo - A pointer to a pointer to a populated NLS_INFO structure.

See Also : NLS_PINFO NLS_translate NLS_unload_charset