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Symbolic Value : User Registration
fREGExtxxx - Flag options for REGNewUser.

#include <reg.h>

Symbolic Values :

fREGExtCreateMailFTIndex      -  This flag should be set during REGNewUser for mail creation.

fREGExtReturnPersonNote   -  This flag is set during REGNewUser if the caller wants the note handle of the new person document.

fREGExtEnforceUniqueShortName     -  Use this flag to enforce the shortname of the user.

fREGExtRoamingUserNow     -  Create roaming files now - person is created with ability to roam.

fREGExtRoamingFilesUsingAdminp    -  Create roaming files via the administration process - person is created with ability to roam.

fREGExtCreateINetKeyPair      -  Add the INetPublicKey to the person document.

fREGExtMailReplicasUsingAdminp    -  Create mail replicas via the administration process.

fREGExtRoamingReplicasUsingAdminp     -  Create roaming replicas via the administration process.

fREGExtRegUsingPolicy     -  Person registration will use the policy settings (registration) as parameter values for registration.

Description :

These values specify options for the FLAGS parameter of REGNewUser.

See Also : REGNewUser REGNewPerson