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Data Type : HTML
HTMLAPIReference - the complete reference of converted HTML result

#include <htmlapi.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {

    HTMLAPI_REF_TYPE RefType; /* How ref is used in the HTML text 
(HTMLAPI_REF_xxx - see list above) */
    char   *pRefText; /* Reference's NULL-terminated text string */
    CmdId   CommandId; /* A web server command associated with the target 
URL */
    HTMLAPI_URLComponent *pTargets; /* Reference's target components */
    HTMLAPI_URLComponent *pArgs; /* Reference's arguments (eg, &Start=xxx, 
&Count=xxx, etc). */
    DWORD   NumTargets; /* Number of components in the target part of the 
reference (dbname, unid, etc.) */
    DWORD   NumArgs; /* Number of components in the args part of the 
reference (&Start, etc.) */
    char   *pFragment; /* NULL-terminated LMBCS text string -- the fragment 
part of URL
             if there is no fragment, pointer points to "" (i.e. '\0') */

    /* The rest of struct is variable in length.  Use the pointers
     * in the elements above here to access data from here on down.
    HTMLAPI_URLComponent URLParts[1]; /* C trick to align first member of 
an array of target and arg values */
         /* Then come the reference's target strings, arg strings, and text 
string */
} HTMLAPIReference;

Description :

HTMLAPIReference is the complete reference of converted HTML result. To understand this data structure more clearly, we will set an example here.
Suppose there exist a section with a database named picture.nsf. The section's format is like below:
Inactive hide details for Below is a section :Below is a section :

Below is a section :
1. section part 1
2. section part 2
After the HTML tranlation, the HTML code transformed from the section is like below :

<a name ="_Section1"></a>
<a href="/picture.nsf/0/64a510cea327672d48257146001bfdac?OpenDocument&ExpandSection=-1#_Section1" target="_self">
<img height="16" width="16" src='/icons/collapse.gif' border="0" alt="Hide details for Below is a section:">
Below is a section:
1. section part 1<br>
2. section part 2<br>

To explain the HTMLAPIReference data structure more clearly, we will explain it with below bitmap:

1 The reference Type is HTMLAPI_REF_HREF (RefType)
2 The URL command is OpenDocument (CommandId)
3 Reference Text (pRefText)
4 The number of HTMLAPI_URLTargetComponent within this HTMLAPIReference is 2
5,6,7 The first HTMLAPI_URLTargetComponent's detailed information
8,9 The second HTMLAPI_URLTargetComponent's detailed information
10 The URL command's Argument is ExpandSection
11 The value of the URL command's Argument is -1