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Data Type : Navigators
VIEWMAP_BITMAP_RECORD - Navigator bitmap graphic CD record.

#include <vmods.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   VMODSdrobj DRobj;
   WORD       DataLen;
   WORD       xBytes;   /* width in bytes */
   WORD       yBits;    /* height in bits */
   WORD       zBits;    /* depth in bits */
   DWORD      spare[4]; /* for future use */

Description :

The VIEWMAP_BITMAP_RECORD stores a bitmap in a Navigator. This record is stored in items of type TYPE_VIEWMAP_LAYOUT, the graphical layout of the Navigator. The fields in this structure are:

      DRObj Common fields, including VIEWMAP_BITMAP_RECORD signature.
      DataLen Number of bytes occupied by bitmap data.
      xBytes Width of bitmap, in bytes.
      yBits Height of bitmap, in bits.
      zBits "Depth" of bitmap (number of color planes), in bits.
      spare Reserved; must be 0.

    This structure is followed by the bitmap name and the display label (if any) in packed format (no terminating NUL), then by the bitmap data.

See Also : VMODSdrobj