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Data Type : Mixed 32/16-bit Model
NOTESAPICDECL - * OBSOLETE * "C" calling convention for Notes API Functions

#include <global.h>

Definition :


Description :

OBSOLETE - Included for backward compatibility only

    This macro defines the calling convention used for Notes API functions that have a variable number of arguments. Normally, this macro is only used in the API header files, not in application code. In the mixed 32/16-bit model for OS/2 2.1, this macro specifies that Notes API functions use the 16-bit "_Far16 _Cdecl" calling convention. Under Windows and OS/2 1.x, the calling convention used is "FAR cdecl". On other platforms, this macro is null; no special calling convention is used.

    Note that functions that allow a variable number of arguments have no way of specifying the types of those arguments for the compiler. In the mixed 32/16-bit model, data in the application program is usually 32 bits long, while the Notes API functions require 16-bit arguments. This requires using a typecast to ensure that the value is converted.

Sample Usage :

Declaration in addin.h:

    void NOTESAPICDECL AddInSetStatus (char NOTESPTR String, ...);

Usage example:

    #include <global.h>
    #include <addin.h>

    AddInSetStatus (FORMAT_RESOURCE,
        (char NOTESPTR) "Current Status");