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Ldap search ext

Function : LDAP
ldap_search_ext - Asynchronous search of the LDAP directory with controls.

#include <ldap.h>
int LNPUBLIC ldap_search_ext(

    LDAP *ld,
    const char *base,
    int  scope,
    const char *filter,
    char **attrs,
    int  attrsonly,
    LDAPControl **serverctrls,
    LDAPControl **clientctrls,
    timeval  *timeout,
    int  sizelimit,
    int *msgidp);
Description :

This function performs an asynchronous search, with controls, of the LDAP directory and returns a requested set of attributes for each entry matched.

Implemented as a macro:

define ldap_search_ext(ld, base, scope, filter, attrs, attrsonly, serverctrls,

clientctrls, timeout, sizelimit, msgid) \ ND_ldap_search_ext((ld), (base), (scope), (filter), (attrs), (attrsonly), (serverctrls), (clientctrls), (timeout), (sizelimit), (msgid))

Parameters : Input : ld - The LDAP session handle.

base - The distinguished name of the entry at which to start the search.

scope - The search scope. See LDAP_SCOPE_xxx.

filter - A character string representing the search filter (e.g. "( |(cn=bob)(sn=bob))" ). NULL can be passed to represent the filter "(objectclass=*)" which will match all entries.

attrs - A NULL-terminated array of strings indicating which attributes to return for each matching entry. Passing NULL for this parameter causes all available user attributes to be retrieved. See LDAP_xxx_ATTRS for additional attribute return requests.

attrsonly - A boolean value that MUST be zero if both attribute types and values are to be returned, and non-zero if only types are wanted.

serverctrls - Pointer to a list of LDAP server controls. NULL if no server controls are to be used.

clientctrls - Pointer to a list of LDAP client controls. NULL if no client controls are to be used.

*timeout - Specifies both the local search timeout value and the operation time limit that is sent to the server within the search request. Passing a NULL value for timeout causes the default timeout stored in the LDAP session handle (set by using ldap_set_option() with the LDAP_OPT_TIMELIMIT parameter) to be sent to the server with the request but an infinite local search timeout to be used. If a zero timeout (where tv_sec and tv_usec are both zero - see timeval) is passed in, API implementations SHOULD return LDAP_PARAM_ERROR. If a zero value for tv_sec is used but tv_usec is non-zero, an operation time limit of 1 SHOULD be passed to the LDAP server as the operation time limit. For other values of tv_sec, the tv_sec value itself SHOULD be passed to the LDAP server.

sizelimit - A limit on the number of entries to return from the search. A value of LDAP_NO_LIMIT means no limit.

Output : (routine) - LDAP_SUCCESS - If the request was successfully sent, or another LDAP result code if not.

msgidp - Pointer to the message id of the request if the ldap_search_ext call succeeds. The value is undefined if a value other than LDAP_SUCCESS is returned. This ID can be used in subsequent calls to ldap_result to obtain the result(s) of the operation.