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Function : Billing
BillingGetClass - Gets the active Billing Class mask

#include <billing.h>

    DWORD far *BillingClass);
Description :

BillingGetClass() supplies a 32-bit mask that specifies which billing classes are active on the billing server. This information is derived from the notes.ini BillingClass variable. This mask value can be bitwise OR'ed with the BILL_CLASS_xxx symbols to interpret the active classes.

Only a billing server task can execute BillingGetClass(). This call is a convenience for programs using the BillingWrite() function. It is not necessary to use this call when extracting data from the MQ$Billing message queue.

Parameters : Input : BillingClass - Address of the 32-bit Billing Class mask.

Output : (routine) - If message is obtained successfully; NOERROR; If the notes.ini BillingClass variable is not present; ERR_BAD_PARAM.

BillingClass - The active Billing Class mask, that can be logically OR'ed with BILL_CLASS_xxx.

See Also : BILL_CLASS_xxx BillingWrite