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Symbolic Value : Database
GETNOTES_xxx - Control flags for NSFDbGetNotes.

#include <nsfnote.h>

Symbolic Values :

GETNOTES_PRESERVE_ORDER   -  Preserve order of notes in NoteID list.

GETNOTES_SEND_OBJECTS     -  Send (copiable) objects along with note.

GETNOTES_ORDER_BY_SIZE    -  Order returned notes by (approximate) ascending size.

GETNOTES_CONTINUE_ON_ERROR    -  Continue to next on list if error encountered.

GETNOTES_GET_FOLDER_ADDS      -  Enable folder-add callback function after the note-level callback.

GETNOTES_APPLY_FOLDER_ADDS    -  Apply folder ops directly - don't bother using callback.

GETNOTES_NO_STREAMING     -  Don't stream - used primarily for testing purposes.

Description :

Control flags for NSFDbGetNotes.

See Also : NSFDbGetNotes