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Symbolic Value : Database
DBOPTION_xxx - Database option flags.

#include <nsfdb.h>

Symbolic Values :

DBOPTION_FT_INDEX     -  Enable full text indexing.

DBOPTION_IS_OBJSTORE      -  TRUE if database is being used as an object store.

DBOPTION_USES_OBJSTORE    -  TRUE if database has notes which refer to an object store.

DBOPTION_OBJSTORE_NEVER   -  TRUE if notes in this database never use an object store.

DBOPTION_IS_LIBRARY   -  TRUE if database is a library.

DBOPTION_UNIFORM_ACCESS   -  TRUE if uniform access control should be enforced across all replicas.

DBOPTION_OBJSTORE_ALWAYS      -  TRUE if NoteUpdate of notes in this database should always try to use an object store.

DBOPTION_NO_BGAGENT   -  TRUE if database has no background agent.

DBOPTION_OUT_OF_SERVICE   -  TRUE if database is out-of-service, no new opens allowed.

DBOPTION_IS_PERSONALJOURNAL   -  TRUE if database is a personal journal.

DBOPTION_MARKED_FOR_DELETE    -  TRUE if database is marked for delete. No new opens are allowed; the database will be deleted when the reference count = 0.

DBOPTION_HAS_CALENDAR     -  TRUE if database stores calendar events.

DBOPTION_IS_CATALOG_INDEX     -  TRUE if database is a catalog index.

DBOPTION_IS_ADDRESS_BOOK      -  TRUE if database is an Address book or Domino Directory.

DBOPTION_IS_SEARCH_SCOPE      -  TRUE if database is a "multi-db-search" repository.

DBOPTION_IS_UA_CONFIDENTIAL   -  TRUE if database's user activity log is confidential, only.

DBOPTION_RARELY_USED_NAMES    -  TRUE if item names are to be treated as if the ITEM_RARELY_USED_NAME flag is set.

DBOPTION_IS_SITEDB    -  TRUE if db is a "multi-db-site" repository.

Description :

These option flags apply to the whole database. These flags may be read using NSFDbGetOptions() and modified using NSFDbSetOptions().

NSFDbGetOptions will not return the DBOPTION_OBJSTORE_xxx flags (even if any are set in the database) if the specified database is a remote database. NSFDbSetOptions will not set the DBOPTION_OBJSTORE_xxx flags if the specified database is a remote database.

See Also : NSFDbGetOptions NSFDbSetOptions