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Data Type : Rich Text
HSOLERICHTEXT - OLE rich text hotspot record.

#include <editods.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   WSIG  Header;       /* Signature and length of this record */
   DWORD Flags;        /* OLERT_FLAG_xxx flags */
   WORD  cFileObjName; /* Length of extendable $FILE object name
                          which contains object data */
   WORD  Reserved1;    /* Unused, must be 0 */
   WORD  Reserved2;    /* Unused, must be 0 */
   WORD  Reserved3;    /* Unused, must be 0 */
   DWORD Reserved4;    /* Unused, must be 0 */
/* The variable length portions go here in the following order:

Description :

This record contains the name of the OLE object for this rich text hotspot. This record is stored following the CDHOTSPOTBEGIN record for hotspots of type HOTSPOTREC_TYPE_OLERICHTEXT. The length of this record is included in the length field of the CDHOTSPOTBEGIN record. The fields in this record are:

      Header Contains the record length; the signature byte is unused.
      Flags Flags for this record; see OLERT_FLAG_xxx for flag values.
      cFileObjName Length, in bytes, of the file object name.
      Reserved1 Reserved; must be 0.
      Reserved2 Reserved; must be 0.
      Reserved3 Reserved; must be 0.
      Reserved4 Reserved; must be 0.

    This record is followed by the file object name string.