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Data Type : Composite Data

#include <editods.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   WSIG  Header;
   WORD  TargetLength;
   WORD  Flags;
   DWORD Reserved;

Description :

WSIG Header Signature and length of record

    WORD TargetLength length of the data following this record
    WORD Flags see FLAG_TARGET_xxx
    DWORD Reserved

    The name of the target frame follows.

    The CDTARGET structure specifies the target (ie: the frame) where a resource link hotspot is to be displayed.
    It is followed by variable length data whose length is specified in the TargetLength member. This variable length data specifies the target frame. The format of the variable length data is specified by the Flags member of the CDTARGET structure. If no flags are specified, then the data following the CDTARGET record is a character string containing the name of the target frame.

See Also : FLAG_TARGET_xxx