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Data Type : Navigators
VIEWMAP_TEXT_RECORD - Navigator text graphic CD record.

#include <vmods.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   VMODSbigobj DRobj;
   WORD        LineColor;
   WORD        FillFGColor;
   WORD        FillBGColor;
   WORD        LineStyle;
   WORD        LineWidth;
   WORD        FillStyle;
   DWORD       spare[4]; /* for future use */

Description :

The VIEWMAP_TEXT_RECORD stores text to be displayed in a Navigator. This record is stored in items of type TYPE_VIEWMAP_LAYOUT, the graphical layout of the Navigator. The fields in this structure are:

      DRObj Common fields, including VIEWMAP_TEXT_RECORD signature. See VMODSbigobj.
      LineColor Color of the boundary line. Use NOTES_COLOR_xxx value.
      FillFGColor Foreground fill color. Use NOTES_COLOR_xxx value.
      FillBGColor Background fill color. Use NOTES_COLOR_xxx value.
      LineStyle Style for the boundary line. Use VM_LINE_xxx value.
      LineWidth Width of the boundary line.
      FillStyle Style for textbox fill. Use VM_FILL_xxx value.
      spare Reserved; must be 0.

    This structure is followed by the name and the display label (if any) in packed format (no terminating NUL).

See Also : VMODSbigobj