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Function : Clusters
NSFDbMarkInServiceExtended - Marks a database in service for remote user sessions.

#include <nsfdb.h>

    const char far *dbPathPtr,
    DHANDLE  hNames);
Description :

The NFSDbMarkInService function marks a cluster database in service by clearing the database option flag DBOPTION_OUT_OF_SERVICE, if set and allows for a NAMES_LIST structure UserName to provide authentication for trusted servers.
When a call to NFSDbMarkInService is successful, the Cluster Manager enables users to access the database again by removing the "out of service" access restriction.

Traditional Domino database access control list (ACL) privileges apply under all circumstances. In order to use NFSDbMarkInService on a database in a cluster, the remote Notes user must have at least designer access privileges for the specified database. If a user does not have the proper privileges, a database access error is returned.

Additionally, when called from a remote session, the dbPathPtr argument must specify a qualified database network pathname that can be constructed using the DNCanonicalize and OSPathNetConstruct C API functions.

The NFSDbMarkInService function only affects databases within a Lotus Domino Server cluster.

For more information, see the Domino Administration Help database.

Parameters : Input : dbPathPtr - Address of string containing fully qualified database pathname.

hNames - May be NULLHANDLE or a HANDLE to a NAMES_LIST structure that contains a UserName that is used to provide authentication for trusted servers. This causes the UserName's ACL permissions in the database to be enforced. Please see NSFBuildNamesList for more information on building a NAMES_LIST structure.

Output : (routine) - If successful, returns NOERROR; otherwise, returns database access errors.

See Also : DBOPTION_xxx DNCanonicalize NSFDbMarkForDelete NSFDbMarkInService NSFDbMarkOutOfService OSPathNetConstruct