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Function : Mail Gateway
MailLookupAddress - Returns the full mail address of the specified user.

#include <mailserv.h>
STATUS LNPUBLIC MailLookupAddress(

    char far *UserName,
    char far *MailAddress);
Description :

This function returns the full mail address of the specified user. This function is typically used by gateways to translate an inbound recipient name to his or her Domino mail address. The mail address consists of the user name and the domain name, for example: "John Smith @ Iris". If the user has a Forwarding Address specified, the forwarding address will be returned instead.

This function looks in the local copy of the Domino Directory (Server's Address book) and does not look to the mail server for this information. This function is designed to be used in mail gateway programs that run on a Lotus Domino Server replicating the Domino Directory, rather than on a Notes workstation machine.

Parameters : Input : UserName - User name string pointer (null-terminated). The UserName string can be any one of the following: FullName, FirstName, LastName, ShortName.

Output : (routine) - Return status from the call -- indicates either success (NOERROR), specified username not found in the Domino Directory. (ERR_ROUTER_NOSUCHUSER), or specified username has more than one match in the Domino Directory (ERR_ROUTER_NOTUNIQUE).

MailAddress - Mail address string (null-terminated) up to MAXRECIPIENTNAME+1 in length (includes null terminator).

See Also : MailLookupUser MailAddRecipientsItem