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Data Type : Signal Handler
OSSIGMSGPROC - Function pointer template for Message signal handler.

#include <ossignal.h>

Definition :

   char far * Message,
   WORD       Type);

Description :

Definition of a pointer to a function that will handle the Message signal. The default Message signal handler displays the text argument in a dialog box with pushbuttons determined by the Type parameter. The return value depends on the type of display and user action; please see the description of the appropriate OSMESSAGETYPE_xxx value for the possible return codes.

This signal handler requires two parameters:

Message - Far pointer to a null-terminated message string to be displayed.

Type - How the message is to be displayed; use one of the OSMESSAGETYPE_xxx Symbolic Values.

See Also : DesignRefresh IXPostMessage OSGetSignalHandler OSMESSAGETYPE_xxx OSSetSignalHandler OS_SIGNAL_xxx