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Function : Extension Manager
ProcessRequestEMCallback - Extension Manager callback for EM_ADMINPPROCESSREQUEST,

#include <extmgr.h>
STATUS LNPUBLIC ProcessRequestEMCallback(

    NOTEHANDLE  nhRequest,
    NOTEHANDLE  nhResponse);
Description :

This callback enables you to extend the Administration Process. For example, you can generate additional administration requests and store them in the Aministration Requests database.

The EM_ADMINPPROCESSREQUEST occurs prior to and after the Administration Process has processed a request on a server.

Note: Extensions to the Administration Process should not modify database ACLs because their actions could conflict with the Administration Process's standard ACL modification operations.

Parameters : Input : nhRequest - The handle of the Admin Request note.

nhResponse - The handle of the Admin Log note. After the Administration Process performs the Administration Request, the "$AdminpNoErrorDbs" field of the AdminLog has a text list of the databases that were successfully processed by the request and the "$AdminpErrorDbs" field of the AdminLog has a text list of the databases that logged an error when the request was processed.

Output : (routine) -

See Also : EM_xxx