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Function :
NSFPathsAreSame - Routine to see if paths are the same

#include <nsfdb.h>
BOOL NSFPathsAreSame(

    const char*pNetPath1,
    WORD  NetPathLen1,
    const char*pNetPath2,
    WORD  NetPathLen2,
    BOOL  MatchFlatToHierarchical);
Description :

This routine to see if paths are the same. The Path contains server name, path and filename
If the comparison fails, and only one of the paths is specified with a common name, the names are compared again just using the common names of the servers.

  MatchFlatToHierarchical -  is TRUE then comparison fails are flat will

result in comparison on hierarchical names.

  Ex. Input1 -  "CN=Jack Aubrey/O=CAM/P=Red Squadron/A=RN/C=GB" 
         Input2 - "CN=Jack Aubrey/O=CAM/P=Red Squadron/A=RN/C=GB"

Hierarchical comparison is to compare  on "O=CAM/P=Red Squadron/A=RN/C=GB"

Parameters : Input : pNetPath1 - Server path and filename of notes file

NetPathLen1 - length of path1 or MAXWORD to calculate

pNetPath2 - Server path and file name of notes file

NetPathLen2 - length of path2 or MAXWORD to calculate

MatchFlatToHierarchical - Makes hierarchical comparison on paths if it is TRUE

Output : (routine) - TRUE - Paths are same FALSE - Paths are different

Sample Usage :

if (NSFPathsAreSame("CN=Jack Aubrey/O=CAM/P=Red Squadron/A=RN/C=GB",  "CN=Jack 
Aubrey/O=CAM/P=Red Squadron/A=RN/C=GB", TRUE))
          //Both net work server paths are identical
          //Both paths are not identical
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