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Data Type : User Registration
REG_CERTIFIER_INFO - Structure that defines certifier registration information.

#include <reg.h>

Definition :

typedef struct
    DWORD   Size;   /* size of this structure - must initialize with sizeof 

    /* certifier name information */
    char    *Country;
    char    *Org;
    char    *OrgUnit;

    /* certifier password information */
    char   *Password;
    WORD   PasswordQuality;

    /* certifier mail information */
    char    *MailServerName;
    char    *MailFileName;
    char    *ForwardAddress;

    /* control flags */
    REGFlags  Flags;

    /* ID file information */
    REG_ID_INFO  *IDInfo;

    /* generic information */
    REG_MISC_INFO *MiscInfo;

    DWORD Reserved[4];
    void *pReserved[4];

Description :

This structure defines certifier registration information for the REGNewCertifierExtended function. The entire structure must
be initialized to zero.

    The fields in the structure are (all fields that are not used must be NULL/O):

    Size Size of this structure - must be initialized with sizeof (REG_CERTIFIER_INFO)
    Country (Optional). Country code of certifier.
    Org Organization of the new certifier if of type ORG.
    OrgUnit Organization unit of the new certifier if of type ORGUNIT.
    Password (Optional). The password for the new certifier
    PasswordLength Quality of password required for this certifier (0 - 16)
    MailServerName (Optional). Name of mail server where the mail file is to be created. If the flag fREGCreateMailFileNow is specified and no mail server name is supplied (the pointer is NULL), the mail file will be created on the local system.
    MailFileName (Optional; required if the flag fREGCreateMailFileNow is specified). Name of the mail file to create.
    ForwardAddress (Optional). Another Notes domain or foreign mail gateway where mail is to be forwarded.
    Flags Flags that are set to specify options. See Symbolic Value, fREGxxx, in this reference
    IDInfo (Optional). pointer to a structure of REG_ID_INFO
    MiscInfo (Optional). Pointer to a structure of REG_MISC_INFO
    Reserved Reserved - must be 0
    pReserved Reserved - must be NULL

See Also : REGNewCertifierExtended